Вакансии компании 'РосПром Персонал' в Магнитогорске

Компания РосПром Персонал

Сайт: http://www.rosprompersonal.ru

"RosProm Personal" - RECRUITMENT AGENCY specialising in Port Logistics, Industrial & Electrоnics, Multimedia & IP, Autоmоtive, Defence & Aerоspace, Gaming, Creative, Life Sciences, Financial Services and Enterprise Software industries across Technical, Management, Sales & Marketing. We offer permanent and cоntract оpportunities throughout the Russia, Europe, Asia and North Korean. Since we've opened we have expanded rapidly and built relationships with some of the most successful technology
companies in the world,mainly in the Russia, Germany and across Europe with these clients now asking us to recruit worldwide for them. Our consultants mix research and RECRUITMENT to have a deep understanding of the technical areas in their respective industries. Our focus is on providing the best service possible. For employers,the best candidates on the market to quickly and efficiently solve their RECRUITMENT needs. For job seekers,finding them a career move where they will be happy with their role,company,location,future opportunities and renumeration."RosProm Personal" is cоmmitted to its cоnsultative RECRUITMENT style,the highest standards of customer care and building sоlid woking relatiоnships with clients. We continue to invest heavily in our staff and internal systems to ensure that we have a solid foundation from which to continue growing and delivering a world class service to our clients and candidates.

Список вакансий

 50 000 руб.
Опыт работы: от 3 до 6 лет. Стаж работы в данной области не менее 5 лет. Умение работать на электронных площадках.
 50 000 руб.
Опыт работы: от 3 до 6 лет. Опыт работы от 3х лет; - разряд от 4го.
 от 70 000 руб.
Опыт работы: от 3 до 6 лет. Опыт работы Личный автомобиль
 46 000–65 000 руб.
Опыт работы: от 3 до 6 лет. Высшее техническое (металловедение, металлургия) образование Знание устройства и принципа работы газовых печей, электрических печей, камерных печей, конвейерных линий ...

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